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Just How Bad Is Text Neck/Forward Head Posture To Your Health?

Alan Wu 吳浩正

Did you know forward head posture/text neck not only causes tension headache, tighter upper back, and muscles, but it can also result in the loss of 30% of vital lung capacity? According to M.D. Rene Cailliet and his findings, the abnormal leverage of neck and head position can hinder the normal usage of neck muscles which in turn reduce the breathing capacity of the lungs.

On a different study, chiropractic care has shown immediate positive effect on respiratory function after the spine has been adjusted. This is because not only specific adjustment can restore the alignment of spine, but it will also stimulate the nervous system to enhance the bodily function. All organs and body parts are control and coordinate by your nervous system. However, when the spine is out of position then it can potentially slow down the nerve transmission. Chiropractic adjustment is aim to restore the function of the spine so the nervous system can flow better and ultimately, better functioning body.

It is like removing a traffic jam on the highway so the cars (nervous systems) can get to the final destination without any hiccups.

Working from home during SIP is dreadful especially if you don't have proper ergonomic setup. It's best for you to make sure you have proper table and chair so you don't do the forward head/text neck all the time which in turn cause your body not functioning at 100%. And if you are already feeling ""off"" then perhaps it's time for you to seek out professional help, such as chiropractic.




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