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Our History

The Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of North America (TCCNA) was established in 1988 as a not-for-profit organization. Its membership is composed of Taiwanese chambers of commerce located in major metropolitan areas in North America.

Since its inception, the TCCNA has developed into a very strong multi-national business Taiwanese chambers of commerce worldwide.


Presently the TCCNA embodies thirty-eight local chambers that are in coalition with more than 3,500 Taiwanese business members in North America. These businesses have provided more than 50,000 jobs in their local communities, which constitute a significant workforce in the North American region.

As the 6th largest trading partner of the United States of America, the strong economy of Taiwan has prompted the TCCNA to play a very important role in serving its member businesses in North America as well as in other parts of the world.

TCCNA is one of six continental organizations under the umbrella of WTCC.  The others include Europe, Asia, Latin America, Oceania, Africa.

World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce (

The World Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce (WTCC) was established in September 1994 as a federation of the world’s Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce to promote the exchange of business information. It is the umbrella body that is structured over the Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Central & South America, and Oceania, encompassing more than 52 countries and covering nearly 100 metropolitan areas with a combined total membership exceeding 30,000 people.

As a result of the Cold War ending over a decade ago, global economic barriers started to diminish followed by vast changes in the international business community and the dramatic modernization of management technology. These factors triggered the accelerated formation of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in many parts of the world, followed by the establishment of the federation to unite each continent’s chambers and global organizations. Our overall objective is, through knowing each other and exchanging business information among members, to create new business opportunities by holding scheduled meetings and activities to facilitate global demand and supply of goods and services – all to help enhance the position of Taiwanese businesses.

The WTCC is an organization that is open and receptive in rendering mutually beneficial services to its members. It welcomes all entities from Taiwan, as well as overseas Chinese with a trade relationship with Taiwan, to become its members. The ultimate WTCC goal is to consolidate our strength by forming a business consortium through website networking among the Taiwan Chambers of Commerce and their member businesses, leading us into a multi-partnership trade and investment federation for promoting further global prosperity.

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