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Article I




Section 1.1 – Mission Statement

      To provide cross-generational and global networking opportunities for young Taiwanese North Americans, to foster professional and entrepreneurial spirit, to create business opportunities, and to promote Taiwanese cultural awareness. 


Section 1.2 – Title of the Organization

The organization shall be known as the Taiwanese Junior Chambers of Commerce of North America (herein after referred to as “TJCCNA”). The organization shall affiliate with and exist under the guidance and support of the Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce of North America (herein after referred to as “TCCNA”). 


Section 1.3 – Geographic Region Set

The organizational region of TJCCNA shall encompass all of the territories of North America; including the United States and Canada. 


Section 1.4 – Organizational Entity and Affiliations

TJCCNA is a non-profit organization and is not affiliated with any political or religious group. TJCCNA is affiliated with and is under the guidance and financial support of TCCNA. Therefore, TJCCNA reports to the TCCNA’s President, Board of Directors, and Advisory Board. TJCCNA is affiliated with the World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce – Junior Chapter. 


Section 1.5 – Purpose of the Organization

  1. To establish a network for members of local chapters in North America;

  2. To provide a forum that acts to highlight emerging entrepreneurial ventures being pursued by TJCCNA members and affiliates;

  3. To promote entrepreneurship, philanthropy, cultural awareness, and professional career development;

  4. To promote mutual contacts, friendship, and exchange of information and ideas among TJCCNA members and to assist each other in the development of their enterprises.


Article II


Section 2.1 – Admission of Organizational Members

  1. Applicants as a junior chapter shall submit a written inquiry to TJCCNA.

  2. Membership is based on the proper recognition of the local TCCNA chapter.

  3. Membership is based on the sponsorship of a local TCCNA chapter.


Section 2.2 – Recognition Status of Organizational Members

  1. If the local TCCNA chapter has not yet been formed, then the junior chapters’ representatives shall be considered as observers.

  2. If the local TCCNA chapter has been recognized by TCCNA and a junior chapter has not yet been formed, then the junior chapters’ representatives shall be allowed one (1) Board of Director.

  3. If the local TCCNA chapter has been recognized by TCCNA and a junior chapter has been formed, the BOD seat for each junior chapter is based on attendance and payment of BOD fees at the first and second meeting, not to exceed the number of BOD seats allocated to each local TCCNA chapter.


Article III


Section 3.1 – Obligations

  1. The members of each Organizational Member are also eligible TJCCNA members. Each member shall comply with the TJCCNA Rules and Regulations.

  2. Each member may attend the TJCCNA Board Meetings and shall pay the membership dues determined by the TJCCNA Board of Directors, if any.

    1. Advisory Board (herein after referred to as “AB”) - each Advisor shall pay $100.00 dues per term.

Board of Directors (herein after referred to as “BOD”) - each Director shall pay $50.00 dues per term.

The President, Secretary General, and Treasurer (herein after referred to as “Officers” - each Officer shall pay $50.00 dues per term.

  1. Each member shall comply with all decisions made at the TJCCNA Board Meetings. 

Section 3.2 – Rights

  1. Each BOD, AB, and Officers may participate in all activities and enjoy all services provided by TJCCNA

  2. Each BOD, AB, and Officers under the age of forty-four (44) shall have the rights to vote, to nominate, to impeach, to appeal, and to make motions of suggestions for review at the TJCCNA Board Meetings unless otherwise specified in these Rules & Regulations.


Article IV


Section 4.1 – Board Meetings

  1. The TJCCNA Board Meeting shall be the highest decision making body of TJCCNA.

  2. The TJCCNA Board Meeting shall be called for by the President and held at least twice every term.

  3. A special Board Meeting may be called by submission of a written petition signed by at least one-half (“1/2”) of the TJCCNA BOD and AB.

  4. At least one-half (“1/2”) of the TJCCNA BOD and AB must be present in person or by written proxy to constitute quorum.

  5. The current year quorum population basis is determined by the paid BODs and AB at the first Board Meeting. The basis can be increased based on new eligible BOD attendees at the second meeting.

  6. A majority of votes at a Board Meeting shall be required to approve any decision, unless otherwise specified in the Rules and Regulations. 

  7. A written notice of date, time, place, and purpose of the Board Meeting must be delivered to all BOD and AB no less than fourteen (14) days before the scheduled meeting.  The newly elected President is exempt from the 14 days written notification requirement. Mailing of the notice to the BODS’ home or email address as recorded on the TJCCNA membership list shall be considered delivery.


Article V


Section 5.1 – Organizational Components

  1. TJCCNA shall have three (“3”) organizational components:

    1. Board of Directors (“BOD”) shall consist of TJCCNA Local Chapter Representatives.

    2. Advisory Board (“AB”) shall consist of the TCCNA Youth Committee Chairperson, Advisory Chair, and past TJCCNA Presidents.

    3. Officers shall consist of the President, Secretary General, and Treasurer.

  2. The term of each Board session shall be one (“1”) physical year or until the election of a new TJCCNA President.

  3. The President shall appoint a Secretary General and a Treasurer.


Section 5.2 – Duties of the Board of Directors (“BOD”)

  1. To set operating policies for the TJCCNA and to transact general business of the TJCCNA;

  2. To nominate and to elect the TJCCNA President, in accordance with the Election Procedures set forth in Section 5.6;

  3. To advise and to confirm the appointment of the Officers of TJCCNA;

  4. To impeach any Director or Officer of TJCCNA, in accordance with the Impeachment Procedures set forth in Section 5.7;

  5. To revise, to review, to approve, and to implement all provisions of the TJCCNA Rules & Regulations;

  6. To protect the TJCCNA reputation and assets;

  7. To plan and to oversee the TJCCNA activities;

  8. To review, to approve, and to allocate the TJCCNA financial plan.

  9. If the President is unable to complete his or her term, the BOD shall within (“90”) days select in accordance to election procedure from the BOD an interim President to serve the remainder of the Board session. The AB shall assume the duties of the President until the election of an interim President.


Section 5.3 – Duties of the Advisory Board (“AB”)

(a) To assist in the development and stability of the TJCCNA;

(b)  To supervise the proper implementation of the activities approved at the Board Meeting;

(c) To audit the TJCCNA business execution;

(d) To audit the TJCCNA financial statement;

(e) To implement compliance of the TJCCNA Financial Regulations. 

Section 5.4 – Duties of the Officers

   Duties of the President:

  1. To represent the TJCCNA to the general public;

  2. To encourage the establishment of more local junior chapters within North America;

  3. To promote the growth of existing local junior chapters;

  4. To propose the TJCCNA activities for his/her term;

  5. To call for and to preside over the TJCCNA Board Meetings;

  6. To call for Special Board Meetings, as needed.

  7. To report financial status to the AB and the Advisory Board of the TCCNA.

   Duties of the Secretary General:

  1. To collect and update the registration information of all TJCCNA BOD and AB;

  2. To disseminate all relevant information and applications to TJCCNA BOD and AB;

  3. To maintain communications between TJCCNA BOD, AB, and Officers;

  4. To record the minutes of each Board Meeting;

  5. To create the Meeting Agenda in accordance with the President’s proposals;

  6. To record attendance of BOD and AB both in person and by written proxy at each Board Meeting.

   Duties of the Treasurer:

  • To assist the President in the financial development and planning of TJCCNA;

  • To implement the financial activities of TJCCNA;

  • To keep the financial books of the current term;

  • To report financial status to the TJCCNA Board of Directors (hereinafter referred to as “BOD”) and the TJCCNA Advisory Board (hereinafter referred to as “AB”);

  • To report financial status to the Advisory Board of the Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce of North America (hereinafter referred to as “TCCNA”), upon request.


Section 5.5 – Term Length of the BOD, AB and Officers

  1. The term of the BOD is one (“1”) physical year, commencing on the election date of the new TJCCNA President and ending the following year on the election date of the next TJCCNA President.

  2. The term of the AB is one (“1”) physical year, commencing on the election date of the new TJCCNA President and ending the following year on the election date of the next TJCCNA President.

  3. The term of the Officers is one (“1”) physical year, commencing on the election date of the new TJCCNA President and ending the following year on the election date of the next TJCCNA President.


Section 5.6 – Election Procedures

  1. The TJCCNA BOD shall complete its Presidential election during the annual meeting.

  2. The President cannot serve more than two (“2”) consecutive terms.

  3. All Presidential nominees must have served as President of a local member chapter.


Section 5.7 – Impeachment Procedures

  1. The BOD, AB, and Officers, may be impeached for willful misconduct or gross negligence resulting in violations of these Rules and Regulations, the spirit of the TJCCNA, or the laws of the United States of America, Canada, or other country encompassed by the organizational region set by Section 1.2.  At least one-third (“1/3”) of the Representatives must sign a petition for the impeachment of a Director or Officer in order for the BOD to consider an impeachment.

  2. If two-thirds (“2/3”) of BOD approve the motion for impeachment, the recall action shall be taken immediately.


Article VI


Section 6.1 – Working Committees

  1. The President shall have the power to form Working Committees when it is deemed necessary or advisable to perform the functions and activities of the TJCCNA.

  2. The President shall appoint working committee chairpersons.


Section 6.2 – Standing Committees

  1. The President shall appoint standing committee chairpersons.

  2. Only the committees listed below shall be considered a permanent Standing Committee and require at least one (“1”), chairperson.


Public Relations Committee:

Manage the flow of information from TJCCNA to the broader Taiwanese business community, media, and general public. 

Website-Social Media Committee:

Update information to and maintain the TJCCNA website and social media pages. 

Program Book Committee:

Design and publish a program book for the TJCCNA Annual Board Meeting. 

Nomination Committee:

Receive and review presidential candidacy applications and present to the TJCCNA BOD. 

Rules and Regulation Committee:

Review, revise & recommend necessary changes and amendments to the Rules and regulations. 

Article VII


Section 7.1 – Amendment Procedures

  1. Amendments to the Rules and Regulations shall be reviewed at Board Meetings.

  2. The proposed amendments shall be submitted to the BOD for initial review no less than thirty (“30”) days prior to the scheduled BOD meeting.

  3. The affirmative votes of two-thirds (“2/3”) of the BOD in person or by written proxy at the BOD meeting shall be required to approve the proposed amendment.

  4. The approved amendments shall be properly disseminated within thirty (“30”) days for review to the Advisory Board of TJCCNA.  The review period shall last for thirty (“30”) days.  If there are no objections within the thirty (“30”) days review period, the amendment shall be considered approved.


Article VIII


Section 8.1 – North American Delegates and Representatives

  1. The TJCCNA President shall appoint the TJCCNA’s delegates and WTCCJC Board of Directors representing TJCCNA to the world conference.

  2. The delegates and WTCCJC BOD must be selected from current term BOD and AB.

  3. The appointed delegates and WTCCJC BOD will serve the term length as specified by the WTCCJC Rules and Regulations.


Section 8.2 – Candidacy Requirement for Presidential and Chief Supervisor Nomination

Concerning the WTCCJC Presidential and Chief Supervisor elections, only past or present Presidents, Secretary General, or Treasurer of the TJCCNA who meets the requirements of the WTCCJC Rules and Regulations may be nominated for WTCC-JC President. 

Section 8.3 –  WTCC BOD reserves one seat for each continental outgoing Junior Chapter President for one year term only.  Therefore the outgoing TJCCNA President has priority to that seat. 

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