Start-up Kit

New Local Junior Chapter Starter Kit

List of cities that need a local Junior Chapter:

奧斯汀 Austin
波克萊 Brookline
加拿大愛城 Edmonton
瓜地馬拉 Guatemala
夏威夷 Hawaii
拉斯維加斯 Las Vegas
棉花市 Memphis
密西根 Michigan
紐澤西 New Jersey
紐奧良 New Orleans
紐約上州 New York Upstate
俄勒岡 Oregon
奧克拉荷馬 Oklahoma
奧蘭多 Orlando
加州柑縣 Orange County
渥太華/蒙特婁 Ottawa/Montreal
費城 Philadelphia
鳳凰城 Phoenix
大鹽湖區Salt Lake City
聖安東尼 San Antonio
華府 Washington DC


***If you are interested in organizing a local Junior Chapter, here are some basic guidelines that may make the process easier.

1. Ask a member from the Senior Chapter to be the mentor/advisor of the Junior Chapter. The advisor is usually the current Secretary of the Senior Board. With the help of the advisor to get support from the Senior Chapter, goals can be accomplished faster.

2. Form a group of at least 2-5 Junior members to be the core of the group. Start by asking your friends to join, since you already know each other, it is easier to work together. Also, ask the Senior Chapters to introduce their sons and daughters who may be interested in joining.

3. Figure out what is the purpose of your local chapter…to plan social events, to provide business networking opportunities, to volunteer for charitable events, or all of the above?

4. Use the local Senior Chapter’s By-laws or TJCCNA’s By-Laws as a guideline. Change it up to fit your local chapter characteristics and mission statement.

5. Set up a starting fund of $500.00 or more by collecting membership fees. The fund goes toward planning activities such as Business Seminars, Networking Mixer, and Social B.B.Q. The goal of any organization is to keep the members and recruit new members in the organization, so try to have activities once a month so there is continuity. Contact any of the current local chapters to get ideas for monthly activities.

6. Make sure to have at least one Junior member attend every Senior Board meeting in order to report current activities. This is a very important key in forming and keeping a good relationship between Seniors and Juniors.

7. TJCCNA is here to provide help and support in your efforts to organize a local Junior Chapter. Please contact the current President if you have any questions!