Job and Scholarship Opportunity For Mandarin Chinese Speakers

Job Opportunity for Mandarin Chinese Speakers

Who: Mandarin Chinese speakers who are interested in working for the U.S. federal government

-Full scholarship tuition and $3,600 per month for living expenses
-8-month program at Georgetown University with advanced English and career classes to help prepare them for these opportunities

Through the EHLS program, the US government hopes to encourage individuals who have language and cultural expertise to develop the skills they need to obtain and retain employment in the federal sector.  These include federal jobs in administration, management, or professional fields. Some work as analysts or linguists/translators; others find positions in their original professional fields such as positions in the Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, and the Intelligence Community.

Please see this list for potential job sources (includes AIT)

Please see their website for more info:

FYI: US Citizenship is a requirement.