It’s Election Season! (Update)

This June, we will hold two elections during the 3rd Board Meeting:
1) The 14th term TJCCNA President Election(北美洲台灣商會聯合總會青商部第十四屆會長候選人)
2) The 8th term TJCCNA Nominee to the WTCCJC Presidential Election (代表北美洲台灣商會聯合總會擔任世界台灣商會聯合總會青商會第八屆會長候選人)

Those who are interested in running for these positions please present the following documents to the Nomination/Election Committee via:
Email: Fax: (626)307-9636

1) Candidate(s) application for screening and approval process.

2) Candidate(s)’s local Chamber of Commerce BOD Endorsement with current President’s endorsement signature; and local Junior Chamber BOD endorsement with current President’s endorsement signature.

Deadline for both 1 and 2: 05/15/2017