Election process for 14th TJCCNA President and 8th WTCCJC President Nominee

This year the TCCNA election committee will conduct the election.

Time: 2017/6/17 02:00pm-04:00pm
TJCCNA Presidential candidate: Ken Shen & Sue Yang
WTCCJC Presidential Nominee candidate: Arthur Chow & Jeffery Chang

1. Introduction of the Election Committee

2. Committee Chair Mark Yu announce candidates

3. Campaign Speech: 10 minutes total for each candidate and their supporters.

4. Question and answer: Candidates respond to three question randomly drawn from questions submitted in writing, in three minutes. Personal attacks will be skipped.

5. Committee member and responsibility:
發表政見計時: 江秋居
唱名: 陳美珠 (游勝雄)
查驗證件: 郭競儒, 江秋居
發行選票: 游宗熙
導引投票: 陳柏宇, 孔慶超
維護安全: 盧宏文
開票統計: 郭競儒, 江秋居, 陳柏宇, 孔慶超

6. Announcements of the results, issuance of certificate and group photo.